Structural Design and Detailing for both Residential and Commercial Projects

Substructure Design

Strip/Trench fill foundations

Balanced Foundations

Pad Foundations – Steel and Masonry Columns

Portal Frame Foundations – All Cases (Pin and Moment)

Reinforced Concrete Raft Foundations

Reinforced Concrete Ground Beams – for Piled (Driven and Augered) and Vibro Pile foundations

Reinforced Concrete ‘Cover Slab’ Designs

Tree Influence Analysis – Shrinkable Clay Soils

Residential and Commercial Underpinning Schemes

Superstructure Design

Individual Supporting Elements: Structural Beams and Columns – Steelwork, Timber and Reinforced Concrete

Steelwork Frame Design – Braced and Unbraced

Steelwork Portal Frame Design

Steel Staircase Design

Steel Crank Beam Design

Steel Balcony Design

Steelwork Connections Design – British Standards and Eurocodes – Shear and Moment

Structural Masonry Design – Load Bearing Masonry and Lateral Stability checks

Structural Timber Roof and Floor Design along with Timber Member Designs

Loft Conversions – Steel and Timber Designs

Chimney Breast Removal – Gallows Bracket or Steel Beams

Structural Surveys